There are several casinos all over the world which are humongous.

These luxurious casinos all over the world are all attractive with its lights, the variety of slot game machines, tables for games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Banca, craps, Francesa, trente et quarante, chemin de fer, punto banco, poker and the list can go.

They are all amazing casinos, but among them all, the ones who take the spot in the top 5 are:
1. Bellagio – The Bellagio is a popular casino that is featured in the top popular films based on casinos like the Ocean’s 11, The Hangover and 21. It is located in Las Vegas and owned by the MGM Resorts.

The entire structure is elegant and beautiful and what adds to its beauty is the eight-acre lake.

It is also popularly known for its high stakes poker game and tournaments.

Also, it offers up to 2300 slot machines with huge jackpots.
2. Rio Casino Resort – This casino cover the whole of 266,330 sq. Feet are offering its players a total number of 257 gaming machines on its gaming floor and 12 card and table games.

It is located in Klerksdorp in South Africa and it was known as the Tusk Rio Casino.

It is one of the largest casinos in the southern hemisphere and it is considered to have the best casino room on the African continent.

In addition, the casino offers a private high stakes gambling room to go-karts, live entertainment and also an arcade for children.
3. Casino de Monte-Carlo- This casino is located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It is a luxurious 150 year old casino with stunning architecture both inside and out.

What sets this casino apart is that it is mainly for foreigners all over the world and the local citizens are forbidden in the game rooms.

The casino in known to offer a huge variety of table games
4. Borgata, Atlanta – The Borgata Casino is located in Atlantic City on the gaming floor that is a total of 161,000 sq. Feet with the number of 4,000 gaming machines and 285 card and table games.

It even has 17 bars and 2002 hotel rooms for its players. The whole complex is very large which includes a number of restaurants and night clubs.

Borgata casino also features poker programs with daily tournaments and high stakes tournament as well. In addition, it also has extensive online gambling options.
5. Casino Lisboa – Inaugurated in the year 2006, Casino Lisboa is located in Parque Das Nacoes, Lisbon, Portugal.

This casino covers 165,000 sq. Feet with 1100 slot machines with varying credit value ranging from a cent to two euro and it consist 26 card and table games that range from the black jack, roulette, Caribbean Stud poker, French Bank and baccarat, also, the casino also hold poker events and tournament.

The casino extends to 7 bars and 1000 hotel rooms. This casino is operated by a company which also branches out in Macau.