Casinos provide an opportunity to make it big, and everyone wishes to win a fortune when they enter the doors of a casino.

There are many who go in but come out with emptier pockets as the games in the casinos have a system, and there is the house edge that can be a disadvantage to the players.

However there are those who know what they are in for, they understand the game and have strategies to win, and sometimes they made it big and exited the casino’s door as a happier person.

Here is a list of those very happy persons who beat the casinos and are the top players and the top winners of all time:
1. Edward O. Thorp – He is an American Mathematician professor. He plays the game of Blackjack and is known to love the game. Edward O. Thorp invented a technique called the card counting and refined his skills in it. He is also known as the father of card counting, and he published a book called Beat the Dealer, and it had gained so much popularity which in turn made the game of Black Jack even more popular in casinos
2. Dominic LoRiggio – He is probably one of the best craps players in the world. For this sole reason, he is even nicknamed as The Dominator or as The Man with the Golden Arm. Craps is a game of dice and Dominic developed and refined a technique known as ‘controlled shooting’ which requires tossing the dice and getting the rolls that you need for the game. There are still many who think that controlling the dice is impossible to do so but Dominic LoRiggio could.
3. Keith Taft- He is an expert in electronics and had developed a computer system and devices to defeat the casinos, and it has helped him win thousands through various games in casinos. He believed that the games in casinos were predictable in a mathematical way and when the right formula is found, one could beat the game. So he spent time coming up with techniques to be at an advantage.
4. Tommy Hyland- Tommy Hyland is a Black jack player, and he mastered the technique of Card counting. He had formed a team to play the game, which is one of the first teams to be formed for Blackjack then he formed another team and taught them all of what he knows about the game so together they had acquired millions.
5. Akio Kashiwagi- He was a wealthy real estate investor and is considered as one of the biggest winners regarding the game of baccarat, which is played in casinos all over the world. He is also known for losing big time too. He spent big, earned big and also tends to lose big. He is known for the large amount he wagered in the Las Vegas and the Atlantic City Casinos. He once wagered $12 million and left the casino with just $2 million.