Casinos itself are very attractive and alluring. There is everything from lights, glamor, ambitions, and excitement which make the world of casinos all the more attractive. All these make casinos a great theme to base a movie upon and over the years, there have been some great movies that depict the life based on casinos and gambling- both the good and the bad so here are the top movies based on casinos-
1. Casino – Casino is one the best movies based on casinos. This is a 1995 movie directed by Martin Scorcese starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone. It tells the tale of casino gambling in Vegas that is controlled by mob and the two sides of Las Vegas.
2. Rounders – This movie was made in the year 1998 and directed by John Dahl. It depicts a man who is reformed from gambling but has to return to playing poker in order to help his friend pay off his debt and survive from the loan sharks. The movie portrays the ups and downs in the gambling world
3. Ocean’s Eleven- This is a 2001 movie directed by Steven Soderbergh and it has a number of superb actors on screen. The movie is about a man and his accomplices who plan to pull off the biggest heist by robbing the Las Vegas casinos. It features the three big casinos in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio, The Mirage and the MGM Grand.
4. 21 – A 2008 movie is directed by Robert Luketic and is based on facts and it is about the game of blackjack and card counting. An MIT professor trains a group of talented MIT students for counting cards effectively and then taken to major casinos winning thousands of dollars and taking over Vegas.
5. Casino Royale- This 2006 movie is a remake of the 1967 film. The movie is directed by Martin Campbell and it is about James Bond who takes part in a high stakes poker game to fight against a Le Chiffre who is a banker to the world’s terrorist. The movie succeeds in bringing out some tense scenes on gambling.
6. The Gambler- This is a 1974’s movie that is based on a novel by Dostoyevsky, it is directed by Karel Reisz. It depicts the life of a professor who is addicted to gambling in casinos who borrows and steals in order to fulfill his need for gambling. This in turn endangers his life proving the dangers of addictions and how far people can go.
7. Croupier- This is 1998 movie directed by Mike Hodges, and it is about a man who is a struggling writer taking up the job as a croupier at a casino to make ends meet and slowly finds himself drawn towards the world of casinos and the players as they lose all that they have. He meets another person who proposes the idea of a heist in the casino. Croupier portrays the other side of all that lights and glamor.